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agritourism is Tasmania

Opening the gate to the future of agritourism in Tasmania.

Who and what is Agritourism Tasmania

Agritourism Tasmania is a network of individuals who are passionate about connecting and collaborating to support and celebrate the people behind this emerging industry sector.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to shed light on agritourism as a distinct industry sector in Tasmania, providing opportunities for connection, collaboration, and knowledge sharing for the benefit of new and existing operators. 

How we do this


Through the projects we have delivered and events we have facilitated, we provide opportunities for people to come together and connect in groups and across regions. We make it possible for new and existing operators to learn more about each other and what is important for them to be profitable and sustainable. We work with industry stakeholders (including Regional Tourism Organisations) and draw them into the agritourism space to strengthen these connections.


We know that when people come together and share, new things are possible, and change happens. We are committed to creating opportunities (clusters, projects, events,) that sustains momentum for agritourism in Tasmania.

Knowledge sharing

We work with project partners, knowledge brokers, industry stakeholders, and agritourism operators to exchange information, ideas, and experiences. We initiate projects that build momentum for the benefit of operators and the agritourism sector.

Who we are

Agritourism Tasmania was founded by Optimum Standard (Aus) Pty Ltd in 2021. Their Lead Innovator, Allison Clark, has been the driving force behind the network, facilitating opportunities to bring together agritourism operators and interested stakeholders across Tasmania.

Optimum Standard was born in Tasmanian agriculture and continues to work within the sector and its value chains. Recognised as agribusiness specialists and strongly networked across rural, regional, and remote communities, their team regularly initiates projects to support business development and growth. A team of marketing specialists with skills in website design, graphic design, and digital media marketing adds to the expertise available.

Over the past 3 years, Agritourism Tasmania has gained information and insights from over 160 agritourism operators and stakeholders at events and forums which has contributed to the policy position it has recently presented to agriculture and tourism industry stakeholders. With a mission to advocate more strongly for a distinct industry sector, Agritourism Tasmania will continue to collaborate and evolve.

What's happening


Conversations in the city

The Journey

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Current Project

Applications for Round 2 of the Program close on 30th April 2024. Apply here

The Agritourism Accelerator is supported by the Tasmanian Government through the Department of State Growth. It is delivered in partnership with Optimum Standard (Aus) Pty Ltd and Regionality Pty Ltd

Past Project

The Farm Gate Futures project aimed to help 25 Tasmanian primary producers branch out, generate new income streams, and build on-farm resilience through agritourism opportunities. The focus of the project was to build each farmer’s ability to adapt to change from impacts such as changing market conditions or climate change.

This Project received funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund, and was facilitated through the Tasmanian Farm Innovation Hub. It delivered in partnership with Optimum Standard (Aus) Pty Ltd, and Regionality Pty Ltd.

Past Project

Over 60 small-to-large-scale farmers and producers across Tasmania to consider new agritourism business development. The program also made it possible for over 30 existing agritourism operators to evolve and elevate their agritourism products and experiences.


This Project received funding from the Australian Government under the Recovery for Regional Tourism program, an initiative of the $1billion COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Fund. It was delivered by the Tasmanian Government in partnership with Tasmania’s four Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs). Delivered by Optimum Standard (Aus) Pty Ltd, and Regionality Pty Ltd.

Lobster Shack
Coaldale Walnuts
Harland Rise
Read now
Mayfield Estate

Agritourism Stories

We create and share stories that highlight Tasmanian agritourism operators and their products and experiences.

In 2021, Agritourism Tasmania produced ‘Beyond the Farm Gate’ – a publication featuring Tasmanian farmers who had participated in the Opening the Gate Project.


While we currently feature four businesses, we are in the process of creating a dedicated page to showcase more. If you want to share your own story, please reach out to us.

memberships coming soon

We are currently developing a membership portal for a rapidly growing community of Tasmanian agritourism businesses. The membership will offer various features such as business support, resources, events, and visibility on regional maps. Please sign up to our newsletter to receive notifications once the membership goes live.

Resources & Grants

  • There are a range of grant and funding opportunities that pop up throughout the year, and a great place to check them all out is the Australian Government’s website or the Tasmanian Department of State Growth’s website.

    Here are a few grant and funding opportunities that might interest you:

  • Agritourism Toolkit

    The Tasmanian Government has created a toolkit that helps agritourism operators navigate the regulatory process. It guides you through the approvals and permits you’ll need to operate and maintain an agritourism venture.

    A separate guide is also available for Regulators, which provides an overview of agritourism, detail on why the sector is a significant economic contributor to Tasmania and specific ways in which regulators can assist agritourism businesses through the approvals process.

    Agritourism Toolkit

    Optimum Standard has developed a handy guide that provides you with current digital marketing tips and resources for your business. Within this document, you’ll find information on:

    • Australia’s most popular social media platforms

    • The do’s and don’ts of social media

    • Content strategy tips

    • Account security

    • Social media tools and support

  • Brand Tasmania

    Learn how to become a Tasmanian Partner and access Brand Tasmania’s tools and resources that will help you tell your Tasmanian story.

    Australian Tourism Data Warehouse

    By signing up to Australia’s leading tourism marketplace, you can easily improve your digital presence and the exposure of your business. By sharing your business profile (i.e., description, images, website link and social platforms) with ATDW, you get the opportunity to be featured on travel websites across Australia, including Tasmania’s official travel website and app, Discover Tasmania.  

    Tourism Tasmania Visual Library

    A free resource available to media and tourism industry stakeholders, the Visual Library provides access to videos and images that can be used to promote Tasmania’s regions and tourism products and experiences.

    These assets are available to tourism industry operators and stakeholders, media, travel trade partners, government agencies, and event and conference organisers for use when marketing Tasmania as a travel destination.

  • External Links

    Across Tasmania, there are four Regional Tourism Organisations (RTOs) that work with their local tourism operators to improve awareness of experiences and encourage increased visitation and spending across their regions. Guided by Tourism Tasmania, these RTOs develop tailored tourism strategies for their regions and deliver programs designed to connect operators with their local industry stakeholders.

Business Development & Growth

It all starts with an idea.  Maybe you want to launch a business, turn a hobby into something more, or diversify your current activities.  Whatever it is, using our 20 year's experience in business improvement and product development, we can help you start and develop your concept successfully.

Graphic Design, Campaigns & Event Marketing

Marketing & Design

Our team of marketing creatives design unique solutions tailored to your business, your target audience and your goals. Resulting in highly performing marketing campaigns, website designs, graphic design and strategies. 

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Website Design & Build

Website Development

To build a successful business, you need an online presence. A location where customers can find what you do, who you are, and why they should choose you. Having a clean and functional website is a crucial component to building your online presence.

We consult, collaborate, design, and empower.

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