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Coaldale Walnuts

This story came from the 'Opening The Gate' Project

The program began in 2021 and was successful in providing the opportunity for 67 agritourism business development program participants and 33 masterclass participants to participate across the State (including King Island and Flinders Island)


Southern Tasmania

It all started with Phil and Jane Dening who had a dream of living in the country and enjoying a rural lifestyle. A block of land in the foothills of the Coal River Valley captured their imagination and, with an eye on doing something productive, they set about planting walnuts.


Hidden from the road and passers-by, the orchard is a wonderful place to experience the seasons, with trees shedding their leaves in autumn and bursting into life again in spring. A perfect spot for a walk or picnic with family and friends and to enjoy the freshest, sweetest walnuts you’ll ever eat!

As the orchard has grown, so too has the attraction for Phil and Jane’s family. Sophie and her husband Brad joined the farm in 2021 and quickly found that you could do a lot with this superfood. From walnuts in their shells to kernels, and pickled walnuts, this is a delicious and healthy product with an experience to match.

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